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Dentcenter Your dental practitioner in Bern
Thanks to the long opening hours on weekdays (7 am - 9 pm) as well as on Saturday (9 am - 5 pm), it is no longer required to take holiday to visit your dental professional at our Dentcenter Bern In case of emergencies throughout holidays we are at your service from 3 pm - 6 pm.

Despite an emergency check out or an annually check of your teeth, your individual dental practitioner will continue to be your dealing with physician. He will take care of you during the entire treatment period, be available for more questions and ensuresthe quality of your treatment.

We use a tax point worth that is listed below the Swiss-wide average and keep us in line with the billing guidelines of the SSO. On demand or if the treatment exceeds CHF 1' 000.-, we will prepare an expense estimation which will be explained in information to clarifyall your concerns before treatment.
Fast consultations at Dentcenter in Bern.

The accessibility of various treatment spaces enables the Dentcenter Bern to treat you under excellent conditions and also makes sure the treatment of emergencies within 24 hours. Nevertheless, we advise to visit us a minimum of once a yearto discover tooth damages at an early phase and to ensure your dental health.
The Dentcenter Bern is a center for oral medication. With our enthusiasm for perfection and our high quality needs, our interdisciplinary group of dentists and experts collaborate to use a high quality treatment to keep your smile. At DentcenterBern we provide you thorough dental services in a really peaceful atmosphere.
The availability of several treatment rooms offers the chance to treat our clients in excellent conditions and guarantee the treatment of emergency situation patients. The extended opening hours of our Dentcenter are specifically valued by our clients.

With time, your teeth can go from white to not-so-bright for a variety of reasons: food and drinks, tobacco use, age, medication. Whitening is a way to whiten your teeth and is a simple process. Bleaching items contain one of 2 tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break spots into smaller pieces, that makes the color less focused and your teeth brighter.In order to avoid pain throughout the treatment and to remove removable discoloration a professional cleansing of the teeth ought to be performed ahead of time. The teeth need to be looked for caries, dripping fillings and crowns, along with exposed tooth necks and roots. In your home, the patient carries a transparent toothed filled with a whitening gel, which we make formerly with the aid of an imprint.

Healthy teeth for a life time. To meet this requirement it is not sufficient to brush your teeth regulary, however also to acknowledge tooth damage at an early stage.To deal with a carious tooth it is required to remove all contaminated tooth substances. The little cavities have actually to be changed by tooth-dyed plastics. Depending on the size of the flaw it is essential to change a part of the tooth with an "inlay" or "onlay", separately tailored for each patient and treatment in our own laboratory.

The periodontics consist of the illness of the tooth holding device, the so-called "periodontitis" and its therapy. A periodontal disease is often triggered by a bacterial infection and a known cause for missing teeth in adult age. The dental professional or dental hygienist can treat the illness as long as the gum damage is not too innovative. The treatment of gum illness consists Click for info mainly in animprovement of the oral plants. In an advanced stage of the periodontal illness little surgical procedures may also be needed.

Dental health in Dentcenter-Bern is your professional oral practice in Switzerland.

The treatments performed by our oral hygienists range from plaque elimination to tartar removal. Their tasks also consist of informing and informing patients about tooth brushing methods and making use of different auxiliary approaches (dental floss, interdental brushes, toothpicks). We advise a minimum of one session per year to make sure an effective control of your oral hygiene and to permit an early detection of possible diseases. To ensure that your teeth stay healthy for a long period of time, our professional medical personnel in our oral practice in Bern work with special care and the latest dental technology.

With professional oral health, your dental professional in Bern will provide you ideal dental prophylaxis. We take special care of the conservation of your teeth, care for your gums and attain the enduring stability of your periodontium through preventive procedures. Permit us to recommend you in detail and gain from our several years of experience in dentistry. We notify you about the very best dental prophylaxis through efficient tooth brushing and use you great and enduring tooth cleansing at regular intervals. Different elements and habits harm your teeth and cause dental caries, which in the worst case can cause tooth loss.

This includes for example:

- Smoking cigarettes. - A diet including sugar and carbohydrates. - Inadequate oral health. - Various medications. To keep your teeth healthy and strong for a very long time, careful oral hygiene is definitely required. The renunciation of nicotine and a change in diet plan also promotes the preservation of your dental health.

Not only the regular visit to the dental expert, however also the right oral care in the house are essential.

You can look after your teeth by regular tooth brushing and caries prevention. When consuming, beware to prevent excessive sweet food. Plaque and tartar form on the teeth and are the cause of periodontitis, bad breath and tooth decay. In order to reach hard-to-reach locations in dental care, it is suggested to use floss or interdental brushes. This permits you to optimally clean narrow interdental areas and prevent the formation of cervical caries. We perform expert tooth cleansing at routine periods and therefore ensure you best complete defense of your teeth through best dental health. The right tooth brush for you is the one that is utilized routinely.

Oral hygienists and dental practitioners usually always advise tooth brushes that match your individual teeth and fit your teeth perfectly. With the right brushing technique at the ideal times, you can guarantee that your teeth are cleaned up prophylactically and caries and periodontosis are prevented. Sonic toothbrushes provide an unique and efficient cleaning, because they are very thorough and at the same time mild on your gums. By rotating the water, even the interdental spaces are cleaned up by so-called hydrodynamics. To clean up the interdental spaces, a normal tooth brush is only suitable to a restricted extent. A great third of the whole tooth surface area lies between the teeth. Only interdental brushes and oral floss reach this area. Your relied on dentist in Bern will explain the ideal handling and technique for sustainable dental care at house. Tartar is often the cause of different oral diseases.

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